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Electronic Engineering and Design:
At thinENGINE, we design many of the electronic components used within our products, giving our customers the best security for longevity of product and the best long-term product support.

Enclosure Design and Prototype Fabrication:
Using state-of-the-art solid modeling programs such as Solid Works, we can create complex designs on screen and immediately transfer this to a working prototype by using our CNC Machining  Center which results in faster products to market.

Extreme Temperature Testing:
Prior to market release, thinENGINE tests each new product design for heat, cold and humidity using an Extended Temperature Test Chamber. For an industrial computer manufacturer, this testing is essential in providing a consistent working product to our customers.
  Final Test and Burn-In:
Before a product can be shipped to a customer, it must go through final burn-in and Quality Control. Each unit goes through a designated burn-in period where it is run through a power sequence for an extended period of time. All thinENGINE products are tested using the latest testing software. Tests include: memory, hard drive, I/O ports (i.e. Serial, USB, etc.), touch screen and internal heat test. This final testing helps ensure a quality product arrives to the customer and helps eliminate out-of-the-box failures.

Investing In Quality:
By investing in many types of design software, CNC machining centers, testing equipment, environmental chambers and assembly-line final test and burn-in automation, thinENGINE is able to deliver the best industrial computers available to the customer.
Learn the differences between different types of industrial computers
We have in-house electronic engineering and design capabilities.
Self service wall mount outdoor information kiosks
Final test and burn-in helps prevent out-of-the-box failures.
Mobile handheld computers and scanners thinENGINEcomputer
Each new product must pass extreme temperature testing.