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Industrial Computers

A guide to understanding the different
types of industrial computers and determining
which is right for your needs.

Learn the differences between different types of industrial computers

All-In-One PCs

An all-in-one computer has all its components (monitor, motherboard and power supply) housed in one piece rather than having a separate CPU or tower that connects to a monitor. Their small footprint and full operating system make these industrial computers ideal for multiple applications in space-restricted areas. Our all-in-one industrial PCs have a relocatable power supply for ultimate mounting flexibility and are fully sealed (front and back) for maximum protection against harsh elements (such as moisture, dust or air contaminants and extreme temperatures). For the highest performance amid the highest environmental demands, turn to thinENGINE Computer’s all-in-one industrial PCs.


Industrial Thin Clients

An industrial thin client is a computing device that provides access to and is powered by another central computer or server. They contain no moving parts (safeguarding them against high impacts, shocks or vibrations) and do not require a full operating system. Thin clients transfer and retrieve data to and from the server but have no hard drive to store or save information locally, allowing for more application security and less vulnerability to software threats and system failure. The industrial thin client PCs from thinENGINE Computer offer full control over user access, operational functions, and unwanted changes to the OS by end users and are low powered to minimize energy and usage costs.

Panel Mount PCs

A panel mount computer is one that attaches to the back of a panel mount monitor and can be easily removed for painless do-it-yourself upgrades and HMI changes. The panel mount PCs from thinENGINE Computer house a full operating system, high-speed processor and hard drive and have a detachable external power supply. They can be effortlessly mounted to nearly any surface with our exclusive Panel Clamps. No drilling. No screws. No hassle.

Open Frame Panel PCs

An open frame panel computer is one that attaches to the back of an open frame panel monitor and can be easily removed for painless do-it-yourself upgrades and HMI changes. They are widely used by OEMs and in kiosks and custom enclosures. The open frame panel PCs from thinENGINE Computer are designed to ensure a long product life and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Vehicle Mount Computers

Vehicle mount computers are mobile PCs that mount directly to vehicular machines such as forklifts, warehouse vehicles, delivery trucks and vans and earth-moving equipment. The vehicle computers from thinENGINE computer have full PC functionality, wireless connectivity and a shock-resistant solid state drive. These industrial mobile computers can be hardwired to your vehicle battery and are adaptable to multiple types of equipment with varying power supplies.