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Connect all employees with HR and payroll departments across multiple locations with this automated, reliable and tamperproof time & attendance tracking solution!

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Overcome common payroll problems.

  • Prevent costly buddy punching
  • Eliminate the need for time sheets, employee badges and punch cards
  • Automate complicated payroll calculation
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Can be integrated with most payroll processing applications
  • Is flexible, scalable and expandable


SecureTouch On-Time enables employers to create a custom time & attendance process that best suits their needs.

SecureTouch On-Time combined with the STAm hardware  is a biometric time clock that provides employers with a reliable, accurate time data collection system while offering employees a fast and easy means to record work hours.

Employees can easily punch in and out by the touch of a finger. The finger imaging module is ergonomically designed for optimal finger placement to help ensure fast and easy ID verification. The state-of-the-art biometric technology instantly verifies employee identity and eliminates the need for employee ID badges and the potential for buddy punching.

If use of employee ID badges is desired, the magnetic card reader or barcode scanner module can be added to quickly and accurately capture badge information. The STAm's  large LCD screen displays the current time and date and provides instant feedback to the employee that the clock in/out transaction was successful.


Securely and accurately transfer data for payroll processing.

Designed for both small offices and high-traffic environments, SecureTouch On- Time automates the clock in/out procedure and transfers all data to the payroll processing application via a secure interface to help ensure accurate payroll calculations. It can be tailored for compatibility with back-end time and attendance systems so previous investments are protected.